Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— William Butler Yeats

Thanks to all our Camp participants who made the camps we held in the past 3 years great success!

Here are some pictures from previous years



Everywhere you look you find Robotics at work and play in the real world! Companies at the forefront of technology like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Amazon and Facebook are continually investing in Robots and other technologies related to them. Automation and Robotics will shape the world the children of today will grow up to live in. The more knowledgeable and comfortable they are with these forces shaping our world, the better equipped they will be. However, this field may seem daunting for those not familiar with it.

The FLL and FTC Robotics programs run by FIRST for promoting STEM among youth, founded by legendary inventor Dean Kamen are a great introduction for kids who have an interest in the sciences. Learn more at

At PACAR we run a few camps a year to introduce kids to this field based on the principles that are foundational to FIRST and using the tools and robotics kits that are recommended by them.