Five FLL teams attended our workshop on October 6, 2018. These five teams were created this year when we took the students of interest from our community and our camps. During this workshop, we introduced new FLL teams to the basics of the hardware and software aspects of FLL. While our team members were presenting this information, some of our coaches were talking to the parents about how the parents could help the teams and how they should successfully coach their teams. Throughout the presentation, our team asked questions to make sure the kids were paying attention.

Also, some of our team members had met before to build some robots, so as we were explaining some things, we passed around the robots so the kids could see the parts. After our informative presentation, we assigned a computer and robot to each team, as well as some of our team members. As we were passing out computers and robots, we realized we didn’t have enough. Luckily, one of our team members who lived in the neighborhood had a computer with the FLL programming software. We assigned the teams tasks to program, but since most of them did not know how to program, our team members taught them how to do it. After each task we assigned the groups, we gave them the solutions and asked if the teams had any questions or if they were confused about something. While the teams were programming, we talked to coaches and parents to promote the FLL program and offer to mentor the teams whenever they needed help. We were glad to help these students and hope to meet them again!