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We compete at the FTC Robotics tournaments as The Javengers



We compete at the FTC Robotics tournaments as The Javengers

team members



My name is Jordan Shopp. I am a sophomore at Cumberland Valley High School. I am a third-year veteran in FTC, and this is my eighth year in FIRST. On the Javengers FTC Team, I am known as the fierce Gear Machine. I serve as the CAD co-lead, and I try to arrange many of our team’s outreaches. When I’m not building awesome robots, I am typically studying, hanging out with friends, doing science fair experiments, or competing on my team’s quizbowl team. I can’t wait to see you at the next FTC competition!



I am Rahul Ramkumar, otherwise known as Captain Americode on the team. I am a senior at Cumberland Valley High School with 1 year of experience in FLL and 5 years of experience in FTC. FIRST has helped me get interested in STEM, specifically computer science and electrical engineering. I am excited to be the software leader this year, and to learn how to design parts in CAD and then 3D print them. In my spare time, I enjoy running, volunteering at the local food bank, and hanging out with friends.



My name is Vishnu Viswanathan, but among fellow STEM enthusiast, I’m J.A.R.V.I.S.H. I am a senior at Cumberland Valley High School, and have participated in First for three years. I’m a three year veteran to FTC, and with the skills I’ve gained from my previous years, and the help from my team, I’m sure we will be successful. FIRST has helped me with my public speaking skills, and has increased my interest in STEM. I enjoy reading books and comics, and watching movies.



Hello! My name is Vishnu and my fellow Javangers cadets call me Int Man. I am a Senior at Cumberland Valley High School and I am going into my fifth year of FIRST. FIRST has really allowed me to grow and develop into the person I am today. I have learned a variety of skills such as public speaking, different building and strategy skills, and time management skills. I never really understood my interest in STEM until I joined the FIRST program. These skills will forever be with me thanks to FIRST and the fantastic programs it hosts.


Varun M

My name is Varun Malarvasan and I am in 8th grade but I am known as Falcomm in FTC. This is my second year in FTC. I was introduced to FIRST when The Javengers held a summer camp for robotics. After experiencing the thrills that they gave me, I decided that I wanted to be on the team. I joined the team as a builder and I immediately knew that I had made a great decision. Since joining, I have learned a lot of team building skills and to voice out my thoughts. In my free time, I like to draw and play chess, but you can usually find me reading a book.


Varun B

My name is Varun B. My Javengers name is Square Groot. I am apart of the hardware team. I am in 7th grade. I do FTC because I think it is really fun. I also did FLL for 3 years. Some of my hobbies are tennis, basketball, and football. In my free time I usually play video games too. My favorite subject in school is Physical Education. My least favorite subject is English.



My name is Varnika Udhayakumar and my Javengers name is Hackeye. I am part of the programming team. I’m in eighth grade at Good Hope Middle School. this is my first year doing FTC, but I did FLL for four years on the team Robotron Robotics. Outside of FTC I play tennis and volleyball. I also like hanging out with my friends, listening to music, playing with my dog, and biking with friends.



My name is Shivani. On the Javengers I am Stack Panther and am part of the software team. I am in 8th grade at Good Hope Middle School. I have been part of the FIRST program for 4 years part of an FLL team and this is my first year doing FTC. Apart from FTC, I enjoy playing tennis, dancing, and playing piano and flute. My favorite subjects in school are math and science.



My name is Sarvesh Gopalakrishnan and my name is the Winter Solder.I am in 8th grade and I have done two years of FLL and this is my first year doing FTC. I joined FTC because I wanted to be a part of a robotics team and to also learn how to code. I am on the Software Team. My hobbies outside of FTC are playing basketball and hanging out with my friends. I like solving math problems and I also like science. My least favorite subject is English.



My name is Sachin Srinivasa, but in the FTC world I am known as Thorque. I am a 9th grader at Cumberland Valley High School. I am a rookie at FTC and I feel that FTC will help me pursue a career in subjects in the STEM field. In FTC, as a rookie, I am hoping to be both on the programming team and the hardware team so I can learn everything that can help me later in my life for my career. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, and playing soccer.



My name is Rushil Negandhi aka DiVISION. I am a 9th grader at Cumberland Valley High School, and this is my 2nd year doing FTC, and I have done 3 years of FLL in the past. I enjoy FTC mainly because I am passionate about robotics, especially design and building. On the team, I use my artificial intelligence for building the robot, and sometimes to help defeat Thanos. When not using my Mind Stone, I can be found attempting to solve crazy math problems, playing blitz chess online, doing cardistry with my friends, playing jazz on my saxophone, or complaining about Bio homework.



My name is Poorvi Parikh, but on the Javengers, I am Wire Man. I have done two years of FLL, and this is my first year of FTC. I am part of the software team on Javengers. I am also a seventh grader at Good Hope Middle School. Outside of first, I am part of the Good Hope Middle school jazz band, and I am also part of the cumberland valley cross country team. I enjoy playing the violin and have been playing it for seven years. I am also a junior black belt in karate. I enjoy playing with my two guinea pigs.



My name is Janani Ramanathan, and Calc Widow on the Javengers Team. I’m in 8th grade at Good Hope Middle School. I've done FLL for 4 years on the team “Robotron Robotics, and this is my first year on Javengers, and I find it amazing. During FTC sessions, I mostly do CAD (Computer Associative Design), or I do Hardware building. Since I’ve done FLL for 4 years, FTC is a healthy challenge that I enjoy to do! So far, FTC has helped me do better throughout school, like Tech-Ed,etc. I am looking forward to continuing FTC!



I am James Hutchins, mild-mannered science geek by day, but whenever the Javengers assemble, I become the clever and resourceful QuickServo. This is my second year in FTC and I am thrilled to be a member of the build team and put our designs into action. I am a ninth grader at PA Cyber. My goal is to build an engineering career focusing on mechanical systems and robotics. My favorite ways to spend my time include studying engineering, solving math challenges, and absolutely anything related to cars.

Javengers Alumni


My name is Eshan Parmar, but on the Javengers I was known as Thorque. l am going to Pitt, and I was in FTC for 4 years. My role on the team was strategy lead but I helped out with build, design, and CAD. I enjoy coming up with new and innovative ideas that we incorporated into our robot as well as creating strategies that helped our team move forward in competitions. Outside of FTC, I was an active boy scout who turned into an eagle scout. Other activities I enjoy are playing basketball, camping, and various outdoor activities.


My name is Kenneth as you probably know because it is displayed right above my face, but what you may not know is that by night, I went by the superhero identity, SCARLET COMMIT! I am currently going to Georgia Tech, and I was the super-leader of the software team, a member of the engineering notebook team, and a member of the outreach team. I would always COMMIT to the software team, but I really wanted to learn more about hardware, especially how to design in CAD. During my regular, old, boring time as my secret identity, you will often find me watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is absolutely the best show ever), playing piano, and randomly dancing when I'm bored.


To most people, I am known as Krittika, the Johns Hopkins student. However, once introduced to FIRST, I transformed into Hackeye, STEM superhero and programmer extraordinaire. I have participated in FLL for one year and in FTC for 4 years. My experience with FIRST has helped me become a stronger leader and public speaker. I enjoy programming, working on the engineering notebook, and thinking about robot design. I'm learned more about objected-oriented programming and debugging. In my free time, I dabble in both Muggle and wizard magic, play the violin, and engage in intense swordplay... no, wordplay. 


My name is Rachael Chacko, and I was Calc Widow on the team. I go to Dartmouth, and I participated in FTC for 3 years. My roles on the team consisted of Engineering Notebook team leader, Outreach team leader, and Software team member. I mademy last year on The Javengers memorable by holding multiple outreaches around the community to promote FIRST and STEM. I continue participating in FIRST by volunteering at local competitions and mentoring FTC teams. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and listening to the band Queen.


Hi, my name is Rishab Katti but, you probably knew me as The Bulk. I currently am a student at Penn State and I have participated in FLL for 1 year and FTC for 4 years. FIRST has taught me skills such as time management and public speaking skills. At FTC, you could’ve found me on the build, CAD, design and strategy teams. I particularly enjoyed building the robot and watching it run at competitions! Outside of FTC, you can find me playing tennis, volunteering or playing video games.


My name is Sarah Chacko, known as hero Stack Panther, and I am currently a senior at Cumberland Valley High School. I have participated in First Lego League through the nationally-ranked Sixth Sensors team for the past three years and FTC for 2 years. I learned more about the robot, both software and hardware, and coordinating outreach activities. Outside of FTC, you can find me playing trombone, volunteering, and participating in my Girls Scouts troop.


My name is Susan Chemmanoor, I’m in 8th grade, and I’ve been involved with the FIRST program for 8 years, and it has really impacted my life. When I was five, I started playing a supporting role in my brothers FLL team the XBOTS in VA. I finally was part of the Sixth Sensors FLL team in PA, when my parents moved. The Sixth Sensors went to the International Razorback invitational in May 2016 and won third place in overall robot design, out of 72 teams that participated, including many international teams. Since then we’ve combined our FLL and FTC teams into a new FTC team: The Javengers. My favorite things in robotics are building and being creative with attachments. In my free time I like Bollywood dancing, singing, reading and Tae Kwon Do. 


I am attending Duke and am a FIRST veteran having been in FLL for four years and FTC for five years. I aspire to be either a mechanical engineer or a computer scientist when I am older. I wasthe build team lead for The Javengers and was aptly named Wire Man. I found myself most interested in coordinating with team members to create robotics camps for kids in our area and also in trying to solve game challenges by building cool attachments on our robot. The things that I found challenging are coding (remembering syntax), time-management, and remembering to wear safety glasses when working with power tools (thanks everyone on the team for reminding me). When I'm not doing robotics you can find me playing soccer or chess, reading, or drawing.  


My name is Ethan Gable, but I wasknown as Silver Servo on the Javengers. I did FTC for 2 years, but I was on the Javengers for 1 year. I recently moved from Italy, where I was on an FTC team called Robotica Santi. We got to compete in the World Championships in St. Louis last year. I am a 10th grader who was a builder and designer on the team. I also tried to help strategize. I like to play baseball, swim, and run outside of robotics.


My name is Drew Gable, but when I am with the Javengers, I am Falcomm. I am a 9th grader at Carlisle High School. I am new to the team, but I have two years of experience from my last team, Robotica Santi, in Aviano, Italy. We competed across Europe and even went to the FTC World Championships twice. I enjoy building, using CAD, and driving the robot. In FTC, I have learned very valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my life, such as leadership and gracious professionalism. I have also learned many mechanical techniques, such as soldering and how to use certain machinery. Two years ago, I went to the Space Robotics Academy in Huntsville Alabama, where I spent a week learning robotics and leadership skills that I still use today. In my free time, I enjoy running cross country, wrestling, video games (COD, Halo, Destiny, Etc.), and reading.

Coaches and Mentors

Coaches and Mentors

Coach: Ramkumar Duraiswamy

Coach: Smitha Jayaprakash

mentor: Nandharaj Ragupathy

Trains the team on advanced concepts of Java from his experience at Deloitte

Mentor: Ram Sethuraman

Guides team members through hardware concepts and shares his skills working in the engineering industry from TE

Mentor: Sanjay Katti

Shares his knowledge of artificial intelligence and teaches the basics of neural networks from his background at SK Solutions



  1. The Coach and Mentors of PACAR have been working with FIRST related robotics competition in various capacities for more than 6 years. Their involvement started with the FLL teams XBOTS and MindMachines in VA.  They then started work with a PA based team: The Sixth Sensor in 2013. In 2015, the graduating team members of the Sixth Sensors created a new FTC team: The Iron Struct

  2. The Sixth Sensor team has competed at the state level 3 years in a row and have gone on to the national level competition 2 times. In the 2015-2016 season they were placed 3rd in Robotics overall at the Razorback Invitational which saw 72 teams from both the US and abroad compete for 3 days at the U. of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus.

  3. The Iron Struct team competed in 2 seasons (2014-2016 and 2015-2016), and in both seasons qualified at the regionals and competed at the PA state championships.

  4. In the 2016-2017 season, we have combined the FLL and FTC teams into a new team: The Javengers.

  5. The Javengers continue to compete in PA state championships every year and win awards.