Robots whirring? Kids solving real world problems? Learning and understanding complex team building techniques? The future? Nope, just the FLL program working its magic. On August 19, 2016, kids aged 9 to 14 experienced FLL to its finest, at the PACAR FLL boot camp. Participants learnt proper ways to work together as a team, research and solve real world problems, and program robots to complete tasks.

Campers learned methods of how to work together effectively such as the six thinking hats method. They put this method to the test by doing FLL team activities with and without the six thinking hats. Campers also solved real world problems such as the safety hazards of earthquakes. After participants where done with their solutions they presented to the counselors and were judged and awarded. Campers also programmed robots to complete advanced tasks using the EV3 software and customized attachments. The Javengers team are very proud of the campers and how much they learned at this camp.