1. Will lunch be provided at the camps ?

Answer: We will be providing snacks.

 IMPORTANT for the August 19th, 2016 campPlease Note there is a change in lunch plans.. Giants has notified us after the camp on the 17th that they do not allow food from the outside to be brought to the community center.

   As a result, since this information is being provided late for the Aug 19th camp we will be providing, without any additional cost, pizza as lunch to the participants. We will only be ordering two kinds of pizzas (1. Plain Cheese   2.Pepperoni and Cheese). 

  When you register please let us know your preferences for one of these kinds. 

   For those kids who cannot eat pizza or have specific allergies: Those parents who wish to bring food for their child, can still do so by purchasing the appropriate food at the Giant store and bringing it to the location. 

   Since allergies are a concern, camp staff will not be able to escort kids to the GIANT center to purchase food. 

   If for some reason these arrangements still do not meet your needs, please call and talk to us and we are confident we can work with you.

2. Do you have space for my child to join your FLL or FTC team?

Answer: We are not participating as a team in FLL competitions from this season onward, focusing instead on FTC and mentoring other FLL teams. However, we will have sign up sheets at the camps that can be a way for parents and kids being able to contact other participants who are interested to form teams. We will provide mentoring support and advice on forming and running teams.

3. What are the topics the camps will cover ?

Answer: Generally speaking, we will cover building and programming in both camps. In the FLL bootcamp we will cover the nuts and bolts of actually competing at the FLL tournaments. 

4. Does a parent need to stay back with the camp participants ?

Answer: No, we are fully able to run the camp without parents needing to be present. However, depending on the interest level parents are welcome to stay.  In addition in the 3:00-5:00 pm session of the FLL bootcamp, we recommend parents attend. There will be sufficient space at the venue for parents to participate. FLL requires a high degree of parental support and involvement to be successful as a team, and this would be a good introduction towards that experience.

5. Does my child need to have prior experience with Robotics ?

Answer: No, especially for the beginners camp. We will group participants in a manner that combines different experience levels in some cases so there is greater cooperation between team members and in some other activities we will group team members by experience in order to sustain interest levels.

6. What is fll and FTC for robotics ? What do these programs offer my child ? What does it take to participate ? 

Answer: Please visit www.firstinspires.org to learn more.

7. Who are the camp instructors ?

Answer: The camps are primarily run by High School students who have gained several years of experience competing in FIRST related activities and have both the passion and the aptitude as well as the focus required to help other students. There will always be adult members of PACAR at hand for supervision. Some activities will have direct coach and mentor participation as well.

8. How are these camps different from other camps that teach Robotics ?

Answer: While each camp run by different organizations will have their own unique qualities, we at PACAR look at these camps as a way to promote STEM among youth. These are not just meant to keep kids occupied during the summer days. We feel we will have succeeded if your child comes back from these camps with a desire to pursue STEM subjects in general and Robotics in particular with the FIRST programs.

9. Do I need to send a check to the organizers before the camp ?

Answer: Please register with us, and we will keep you updated as we get closer to the camp dates. You can pay online here on our site. We will also be accepting checks payable to Pennsylvania Capital Area Robotics on the day of the camp. However, in order to ensure a smooth start to these camps we encourage you to pay online. You will get a emailed receipt for your payments.

(Remember to register first. You will receive an email confirming registration. You can pay after you receive the registration confirmation.)

10. How is the money raised during these events used ?

Answer: We are a non-profit federal tax exempt organization and are bound by regulations addressing such entities. The money generated from these events goes solely toward offsetting the cost of our Robotics activities including building, learning, driving and outreach.

11. Do I need to bring a robot or kit to the camp ?

Answer: No we will be using kits provided at the camp!