We have had a great year so far!  Our team qualified to go to the PA state championship at the first qualifier we went to this year at the HatTricks qualifier event on Dec 10th, 2016 (Horsham, PA). We won the Think Award, Inspire 2nd Place and were also the first pick of the winning alliance. At this contest we did not attempt to score the beacons in autonomous mode, but were able to score the two particle balls consistently. This helped us do well. 

Soon after, we went to the Oxford qualifier, to continue to build up our experience. We added beacon scoring during the autonomous portion of the competition. We ran into some challenges with our beacon color sensing, because had not completely figured out light intensity issues. We still were nominated for the Rockwell Collins innovation award and were placed second in that category.  This was a really good learning exercise for us. We took away many lessons and notes to incorporate in the next round. 

Next up we were at the York qualifier Jan 21st. We did really well because we had invested more time into our autonomous program, and we scored very consistently.  In all matches we scored the beacons in autonomous mode. We ended up as the winning alliance captain and were ranked #1 on the performance rankings. We also won the Control award, 3rd place nomination for the motivate award and a 3rd place nomination for the Think award. 

The State Championship is coming up quick on the 25th of February. Wish us luck!


- The Javengers  2016-2017