Its the middle of March and spring has sprung! Can summer be far behind ?

Its that wonderful time of the year, when PACAR puts together its summer Robotics Camps

This is the 3rd time around for us, and we expect to make this an annual event. We started out in 2015 and had a small group that had a great time building robots with LEGO EV3 kits. Last year we had 2 camps: Beginners and Advanced to help keep the kids challenged. It was an amazing experience for the participants as well as the Camp Instructors. We have pictures that are worth a few thousand words. Go See!

Our Camp Instructors are all high school students  along with a few middle school instructor apprentices. They are all battle hardened from competing at FIRST FLL and FTC Robotics tournaments, and they love to share what they have learnt. Our camps always have Adult supervision to ensure safety and order of course, but the heart of our Robotics Camps is the passion our Camp Instructors have to spread the love of Robotics and STEM. 

Last year we heard loud and clear that the camp participants wanted the fun to go on for more than 2 days. So this year, we are doing a 4 day camp with FLL EV3 Kits (July 31st to Aug 3rd. 2017)


And for the first time, we have a 1 day camp for those who are truly hard core robotics fans (11 years + of age ) who want to work with bigger, heavier robots that are made mostly of metal not LEGO parts. (August 4th 2017)

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